Episode 35: Amy Williams

July 1, 2018

Today Arise & Shine women’s conference main speaker, Amy Williams joins us to share about her passion, her calling, and her story. Amy is hilarious, engaging, relatable, and you will connect with her story because she speaks to the universal and eternal truth that God has a calling for each of us. Unique to us and our relationship with Him. Amy’s first reply to the question “if you knew me you would know..” may be the funniest and most unexpected response we’ve heard yet. Enjoy this episode!


Episode 34: Commissioner Jolene Hodder

June 1, 2018

This month we welcome Commissioner Jolene Hodder of The Salvation Army Western Territory to the podcast! Commissioner Jolene and host, Sarah Micula, talk about the Women of WORTH program in Kenya. A program that enables women to be self sufficient entrepreneurs in their community througha micro-finance and support group called WORTH. At the Arise & Shine Women's Conference we'll be fundraising all weekend to support the WORTH program. Enjoy this episode!


Episode 33: April Foster

May 1, 2018

This month on The Prepare Podcast our host, Sarah Micula interviews April Foster. April is the Others Trade for Hope Director for the Eastern Territory. But April really is a global influencer for Others. She saw Others start it's journey in Kenya, back when it was called Sally Ann and when she was a 20+ year Salvation Army missionary


Bonus Episode! With Commissioner Dawn Heatwole

April 13, 2018

Commissioner Dawn and Merle Heatwole are serving overseas at International Headquarters and have been exposed to The Salvation Army in many corners of the world. So, I wanted to hear from her about what she has seen and experienced and find out what we can learn from our brothers and sisters overseas. Commissioner Dawn shares about a couple really important topics – the global sin and issue of domestic violence and human trafficking. She also offers an encouragement for officers facing new appointments. This is a great episode – enjoy our conversation!


Episode 32: Tasha Morrison

April 1, 2018

Today Arise & Shine women’s conference guest, Tasha Morrison joins us to share about her ministry called, Be the Bridge. Be the Bridge is transforming the Church through a discussion based curriculum centered on racial reconciliation. We also learn a little bit about Tasha and that she loves Christmas movies year round.  Enjoy learning about Tasha and Be the Bridge.


Episode 31: Jo Saxton

March 1, 2018

Arise and Shine Women's Conference registration opens in 11 days! March 12 is just around the corner and to celebrate A&S registration month we are welcoming our keynote speaker, Jo Saxton to the show! Enjoy and share with a friend!


Episode 30: Nikole Lim - Again!

February 28, 2018

This month’s we welcome back, Arise & Shine Women’s Conference workshop leader, Nikole Lim! 


Episode 29: Kristin Schell - The Turquoise Table

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! It's 2018 and if you follow Central Women on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you'll know that 2018 is a big year for us! It's the year of Arise & Shine Women's Conference! And this month's guest is the Arise & Shine pre-conference featured guest: Kristin Schell of The Turquoise Table! Enjoy getting to know her and a bit about her ministry and plan on joining us for the pre-conference!


Episode 28: Colonel Janice Howard

December 1, 2017

This month’s guest is our new territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Colonel Janice Howard. Colonel Janice arrived over the summer from the Salvation Army’s eastern territory and hasn’t stopped moving yet. She’s sharp, bright, and constantly smiling – she loves the Lord and is eager to continue to grow in her faith and to see all of us reach our full, God-given potential. Enjoy learning more about her in today’s episode where we cover where she loves to be, spoiled alert, she loves being outside! Where’s she been and how and why she is always setting goals for her and why she thinks you should too!


Episode 27: Sharon Irving

November 1, 2017

This month I welcome Sharon Irving to the podcast. Sharon Irving will be our worship leader at the Arise & Shine Women’s Conference in 2018.  Sharon is on the worship teams at the Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, IL and City First Church in Rockford, Il and has been a golden buzzer winner on America’s Got Talent. Sharon’s a Chicago native that has a rich musical and justice seeking upbringing that fuels her today. This is a great episode, enjoy meeting our Arise and Shine worship leader, Sharon Irving!