Episode 15: Courtney Rose

December 1, 2016

Our resident teacher, Courtney Rose is back! This month she's teaching us about the the scripture our Women's Ministries national theme, "God's Masterpiece" is based on: Ephesians 2:10. This is a great lecture on church unity, enjoy and get out your pen and paper to take some notes!


Episode 14: Captain Mary Kim

November 1, 2016

This month our host Sarah Micula sits down with Captain Mary Kim the Youth Secretary for the Central Territory. Mary and Sarah talk about many topics but the highlight was hearing Mary talk about where her identity comes from. Enjoy!


Episode 12: Chris Shay

September 1, 2016

Episode 12 I meet with Salvation Army Central Territory World Missions Director, Chris Shay. Chris is a leader in the Salvation Army church and community and has been a personal mentor of mine over the years. Today she shares with us lessons learned in marriage, parenting, in the church and in the workplace. 


Prepare Podcast Giveaway!

August 17, 2016

The Prepare Podcast might be one of Central Women’s best kept secrets. Every month we invite a woman in ministry to join us and share from their perspective and experiences in ministry and leadership to help equip and prepare our listeners in their own faith pursuits and callings. Former guests have been Major Danielle Strickland, Dr. Karen Hurula, Aux/Captain Ketsia Diaz and Sara Johnson – to name a few! Join us on the first of every month to listen in – below, learn how toFile_000subscribe on iTunes and how to win our Prepare Podcast Review GIVEAWAY!

Follow the steps (and pictures) below to subscribe and review our podcast and be entered to win a Central Women mug, Embrace tote bag, a ornament from OTHERS and Major Amy Reardon’s Devotional Holiness Revealed- all of it to ONE WINNER!  You have until Sunday August 21, winner announced Monday morning August 22 at 9:00am CST! Winner will be selected from the list of reviews on The Prepare Podcast iTunes. 

Follow these steps!

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Episode 11: Courtney Rose - Holiness

August 2, 2016

This month on the Prepare Podcast, our resident adjunct professor Courtney Rose joins us again. This month she provides a lecture on holiness.


Episode 10: Nikole Lim

July 1, 2016

Passion, Compassion and People.

That's the formula our guest, Nikole Lim on episode 10 of the Prepare Podcast, shared with us for finding your vocational calling. She feels if you can identify these three things in your life you're on your way to discovering your calling. Listen and hear more about Nikole and starting a non-profit. 


Episode 9: Aux/Captain Ketsia Diaz

June 1, 2016

For episode 9 our host Sarah Micula sits down with Auxiliary Captain Ketisa Diaz. Ketsia grew up in Haiti, met and married Central Territory overseas missionary, Steve Diaz and moved to the States to lead the St. Louis Temple corps. Life has brought some unexpected outcomes and today Ketsia shares what God has taught her about Himself and about who He is creating her to be. Thanks for listening!


Episode 8: Linda Himes

May 1, 2016

This month our host Sarah Micula meets with Salvation Army Bible teacher, Linda Himes.  Linda had the goal and calling to become a Bible teacher and she worked hard and met her goal. Listen and get inspired to study the Bible and meet your goals! 


Episode 7: Sara Johnson

April 1, 2016

Today we welcome Sara Johnson to the Prepare Podcast. Sara is the director of the Urban Mission Center, a Salvation Army ministry in St. Louis that prepares "urban leaders who are ready to take on the complexities of city work."

Sara also shares about what God has taught her about injustice and her role in hurting or helping His cause, she shares about being in life and ministry as a single person and shares some good what-not-to-say to singles. Enjoy today's episode!